Sunday, February 21, 2010

Beginning The Journey

Ciao a tutti. (Hello, everyone)

For several years, I have embarked on the journey to understand and discover the figure. I have some formal training in art in general, but I have had to find my own way in understanding specifically the figure and how it works.

I will be displaying several of my endeavors on this blog, both successful and otherwise. I feel that in order to learn something, it is best to learn through errors. We cannot truly find the answer unless we exhaust all possibilities, which is what a mistake does for us. (That's my take on it, anyway...)

So, here are a couple of images that I have created in one of several figure drawing sessions I attend frequently. They are not led by an instructor per se, just a moderator who sets the pace and tone for the evening (lighting, type of pose, and length of pose). These are done in conte', the first being two 3-minute gestures, the next being a 20 minute study.

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  1. I am so glad you have inaugurated this blog! In this way I will have an opportunity to contemplate your beautiful drawings from which I have so much to learn.